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Cultural Analysis: Literature and Theory (MA)

Meet our staff

Prof.dr. M. Boletsi

Maria Boletsi is Associate Professor at the Film and Literary Studies Department of Leiden University. Maria’s research is situated in comparative literature, literary and cultural theory, conceptual history, Modern Greek literature and culture, English, Dutch, and postcolonial literature. View her full profile here.

Dr. L. Hettinga

Dr. Lieks Hettinga is an Assistant Professor in Gender and Sexuality at Leiden University. Lieks Hettinga’s research examines ways in which artists and activists visualize, represent and/or enact non-normative embodiment, more specifically looking at the intersection of trans and disability visual politics and poetics of the body. View their full profile here.

Dr. Y. Horsman

Yasco Horsman is a University Lecturer at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society. He is currently working on a book on Radio and Modernism and collecting notes for a genealogy of the “funny animal” figure in early animation and comic strips. View his full profile here.

Dr. T. Hui

Tingting Hui is an Assistant Professor at Leiden University’s Centre for the Arts in Society. Her research explores and disentangles the relationship between language and body by studying heoretical, philosophical, and literary texts that dramatize or reflect on the implications of speaking with an accent. View her full profile here.

Dr. L. van Kessel

Looi van Kessel is a University Lecturer at Leiden University. His primary area of interest is in postwar American literature, and especially the treatment of deviant sexuality in this period. His modes of inquiry cross through several disciplines, such as queer studies, genre studies, discourse analysis and legal theory. View his full profile here.

Prof. Dr. N. Lawtoo

Nidesh Lawtoo is Professor of Modern and Contemporary European Literature and Culture at Leiden University. Nidesh’s areas of interest include philosophy and literature, European modernism, subject formation, Nietzsche and his legacy, science fiction film, political theory, poststructuralism, posthumanism, and environmental studies. View his full profile here.

Dr. L. Minnaard

Liesbeth Minnaard is a University Lecturer at Leiden University. Her main fields of expertise are interculturality in literature, postcolonial theory, and issues of gender and sexuality. Her research particularly focuses on cultural effects of migration and globalisation, exoticism in literature, representations of “the national”, and intersectionality. View her full profile here.

Dr. M. Peters

Mathijs Peters is a University Lecturer at Leiden University. His research focuses on philosophy, phenomenology, critical and popular music. View his full profile here.

Dr. A.L.B. van Weyenberg

Astrid van Weyenberg is an University Lecturer at the Centre for the Arts in Society. At present, she is researching the constructions of Europe as a narrative in European cultural projects. She seeks to analyze what stories of and for Europe cultural projects construct and what political implications a close reading of these stories reveals. View her full profile here.

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