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Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory (MSc)

Programme structure

The Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory specialisation offers you the opportunity to spend two full years on training in research to develop a thorough theoretical basis and become an independent scientist.

Programme outline

We offer a wide range of courses, in combination with the national master’s courses. For example, every year we offer three courses in algebraic geometry (on varieties, on schemes, and on advanced topics), as well as courses on elliptic curves, algebraic number theory, commutative algebra, algebraic topology, cryptology, Diophantine approximation, modular forms, and more. This is in addition to courses which are not offered every year, but in response to requests from the students. Ultimately, if you are interested in a topic that lies somewhere within Algebra, Geometry and Number theory, then it is pretty certain you will find at least one course on it.

It is compulsory that at least 30 EC are obtained from courses from the national master programme in mathematics (Mastermath).

For an up-to-date course overview, please visit the Prospectus.

The Mathematics master offers you a lot of options to create your own programme. There is also the possibility to follow an internship abroad at another university or company or to follow courses abroad.

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