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Advanced Master Law and Finance - Leiden University

Law & Finance (Advanced LL.M.)

Career preparation

This programme will provide you with the skills to work as a legal professional in a global legal environment.

Niek Strohmaier (The Netherlands)


Niek Strohmaier (The Netherlands)

“The key motivator for me to apply to the programme was that I wanted to learn more about the dynamics of the financial sector in a general sense, while also gaining hands-on experience in matters such as financial reporting and corporate finance."

"The programme turned out the be everything I had hoped for. Having a background in psychology myself, it was fascinating to reflect on what we learned through the lens of my original discipline. Apart from the academic side of things, the social element of the programme made it an even more enjoyable and motivating experience. The staff of the programme is top-notch, very approachable, and keen to help you further your career. After graduation, I continued doing research at Leiden Law School and also joined an arbitration committee dealing with financial disputes. For me, the programme proved to be of a great value and I highly recommend prospective students to apply!”


A number of the programme’s instructors either have been or still are actively involved in the legal or business arena, and practising professionals are invited to teach as guest lecturers. This gives you the opportunity to interact with them and learn about their work and the latest developments in the field. The programme facilitates you to do an internship on a voluntary basis.

One of the biggest assets you will have in your career is your professional network. Through your interactions with professionals in the classroom, as well as during any extra-currucular activities of FINSTAS and the study trip, you willl begin to build your own international network. These contacts could greatly enhance your career prospects, as they often help with job leads and recommendations.

Career Services

Every year, a special Career Week is organised for all advanced master’s students, which includes various workshops, presentations and trainings.

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