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Governance of Sustainability (MSc)

Why Leiden University?

We offer a unique master’s programme where we bring knowledge of natural and social sciences together.

The concept of Sustainability

Over the past three decades, the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development have evolved in response to increasing global ecological and social challenges. Nowadays the field of sustainability has gained significant institutional momentum. To be solved, each of these (interrelated) aspects of sustainability demand a transdisciplinary approach, bringing together knowledge of natural and social sciences. Hence, we need to educate ‘brokers’ or ‘change agents’ to make the transitions to a sustainable society happen.

Collaboration between two faculties

The master programme Governance of Sustainability is offered as a collaboration between two institutes: the Institute of Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science) and the Institute of Public Administration (Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs). The Institute of Environmental Sciences is a centre of excellence for strategic and quantitative research and education on sustainable use and governance of natural resources and biodiversity. The Institute of Public Administration combines a solid international academic reputation with a central position among the international, national and regional and local governance institutions of The Hague.

Education in The Hague

The Governance of Sustainability programme will be based at the campus The Hague. The Hague is the seat of the Dutch Government and is known worldwide as the international city of Peace and Justice. As such, it hosts a number of UN institutions, as well as a number of important international organisations. These conditions render The Hague the best location to study Governance of Sustainability.

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is a first-class research faculty with an excellent position in the basic disciplines of science. The current research and education programmes span the entire spectrum of science ranging from Mathematics and Statistical Science, Computer Science and Data Science, Astrophysics, Physics, Chemistry and Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences to Biology and Environmental Sciences. Our science community is driven by their curiosity and desire to increase basic knowledge, for science and to contribute to the great societal challenges of today and tomorrow. Core values are scientific impact, technological innovation and relevance to society. 

Study at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs

The Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA) is Leiden University’s youngest faculty, launched in response to increasingly urgent socio-cultural issues. The FGGA is an internationally acclaimed academic knowledge hub that studies world-wide issues from the perspectives of governance, politics, law, sociology and economics. FGGA is active in its quest for multidisciplinary academic networks; through its academic institutes and knowledge centres, FGGA contributes to far-reaching socio-cultural debates.

Study at a world-class university

Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands and enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation built up over more than four centuries. Since 1575 we’ve provided sound personal education for hundreds of thousands of students. We’ll do our utmost to give you the best possible support. And if you can and want to do more, we’ll challenge you every step of the way. For many years, we’ve been among the leaders in Dutch university rankings and we are currently to be found in a variety of top international rankings too.

More reasons to choose Leiden University

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