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From Cells to Organisms (MSc)

The master’s specialisation From Cells to Organisms offers you the unique possibility to integrate molecular, cellular and organismal levels of research, but also provides the possibility to specialize in one of these levels.

What does this master’s programme entail?

An important aspect of this specialisation is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying health and disease and how cells and organisms adapt to environmental factors ranging from light, stress and pathogens to ecological and social conditions. Model organisms include bacteria, fungi, plants and animals (invertebrates and vertebrates). The subject areas covered encompass functional genomics, signal transduction, cellular differentiation, development, host-microbe interactions and animal behaviour.

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Discover why our students choose the Biology master's programme From Cells to Organisms

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Why study From Cells to Organisms at Leiden University?

  • The master's specialisation From Cells to Organisms is one of the few research-oriented specialisations where you get educated in biological research at different organization levels, and where you learn how to integrate these levels.
  • During your master’s you are taken up as a member of our institute thus providing you with an ideal environment where you can learn science by doing with both junior and senior scientists.
  • With this master's specialisation you are well prepared to start a career in biological and medical research at a university, research institute or bioscience-based company.

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From Cells to Organisms: the right master’s programme for you?

The master’s specialisation From Cells to Organisms is a good match if you interested in subjects in the molecular, cellular and organismal levels of research. More in general, this master specialisation is ideally suited as a basis for starting a research career at a university or research institute and for a position in a bioscience-based company.

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