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Archaeology (MA/MSc)

Why Leiden University?

The Faculty of Archaeology ranks as the best on continental Europe and is in the top ten of the world.

Leiden University's Faculty of Archaeology

Our master’s degree in archaeology offers the most diverse programme of its type in the Netherlands. What’s more, in Leiden you will study at the only independent Faculty of Archaeology in the country. Our Archaeology master’s offers various regional and thematic specialisations, with the teaching programme being closely linked to on-going research.

To say our academic staff are hands-on would definitely be an understatement. They are involved in research projects all over the world, with a strong focus on field research.

Additionally, our programme emphasises on ecology and geology, combined with iconology and historical studies, as well as ethno-archaeological, anthropological and experimental approaches. Broaden your scope further by exploring modern museum practices and developments in archaeological heritage management.

The international classroom

As a student you are part of an exceptional international community right from the start. About half of our graduate students come from abroad, as do more than half of our staff members.

All Archaeology master's programmes are therefore fully taught in English.

A student’s view on Leiden

Discover the world

We consider it important that during your studies you are exposed to other cultures, not just from the past but the present as well. This prepares you for an increasingly globalised job market, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

We are active in various fields of research all around the world, from excavations to heritage management to museums, and from Europe to the Caribbean. Leiden encourages you to follow your archaeological interests and build on your expertise, whether this happens through taking specialist courses, or traveling the world for fieldwork and research.

Discover the world!