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Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

This minor aims to provide students with the tools and knowledge to identify, analyse and address the biggest challenges that come with our reliance on digital technology: cybersecurity and cybercrime.

Is this the right minor for you?

The minor is aimed at students with a broad range of interests in legal, social and technical challenges who wish to learn about the technical, managerial and criminological aspects of cybersecurity & cybercrime. The multidisciplinary approach to cybersecurity and cybercrime - which interweaves elements from law, criminology, public administration and computer science - will be an interesting addition for students from a variety of disciplines.

A few courses require knowledge or understanding of mathematics, so students should have at least some affinity for it. No prior knowledge of law, criminology, computer science or public administration is required. Students are expected to have adequate knowledge of English and Dutch. The minor is accessible only for bachelor students who have obtained their ‘propedeuse’, HBO students cannot apply.

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