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American Studies

The interdisciplinary minor American Studies offers a survey of U.S. history, literature and culture from the establishment of the first colonies on the North American continent in the 15th century to the present.

Upon completion of this minor, you will have acquired basic knowledge of and research skills in U.S. history, culture and literature.

Students who have successfully completed this minor are admissible to the master's programme in North American Studies, provided that they meet all other conditions for admission.

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Sara Polak

University Lecturer

Sara Polak

"North American Studies in Leiden is characterized by a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, in which we really try to combine historical approaches with literature, culture and politics of primarily the United States. Most of the courses in one way or another focus on the question of American exceptionalism, which we critically reflect upon. Slavery and emancipation movements, as well as international relations and human rights, migration, ethnicity, cultural identity, and environmental justice are themes that are important in the programme."

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