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American Studies

Elective credits (15EC)

Does your programme have an elective space of only 15EC? Then you can follow a modified programme of the American Studies minor, which we call 'Elective credits'.

Elective credits American Studies

Students who wish to take this Elective credits in semester 1 take the following courses:

  • From the Pilgrims to the Present: An Introduction to American Studies(10 EC)
  • Literature 3A: American Literature, Literature 3A: American Literature, Beginnings to 1865 (5 EC)

In semester 2, you can take any 5 EC course and any 10 EC course listed under track 1 or 2 of the minor in American Studies.

Since in some departments there is room for only a 15EC in elective courses, it is also possible to take this minor for 15EC, half of the number of ECs required for a complete minor. You can find more information about this option in the Prospectus. Note, however, that this is not the same as completing a minor and therefore it is not called a minor. 

Anyone is free, however, to take more than the required minimum of courses and thus earn more ECs than the 180EC required for receiving a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, you can take a 30EC minor if you are willing to earn 15EC more than you need to have to complete the requirements for your bachelor’s degree.

You can find more information about the elective space and a personalised interpretation of it on the page on Elective credits

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