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War in Ukraine

Information about the situation in Ukraine

A message from the Executive Board

On 24 February 2022, war started in Ukraine. It brings with it devastation, losses, suffering, worries, anxiety, questions. Most of this is happening in Ukraine itself, of course, in the region and the countries that are involved. But this situation touches the whole world, including our community here at Leiden University.

It has a profound impact on our students, staff and guests who have a personal connection with Ukraine and the region, and those who are affected directly or indirectly by the tragic events.  We want you to know that we stand in solidarity with you and that we will give you all the support we can. Although we realise that we cannot take away all your concerns and problems, we are here for you and want to do whatever we can to help.

Students from Ukraine and Russia who study at Leiden University can count on support from the Leiden University Fund. We have started an emergency fund to contribute to acute support for students with problems related to finances, study progress and residency status. Together, we can allay the worry, stress and uncertainty that these problems lead to.
We welcome donations for this fund. Do you want to support students who are directly affected by the situation in Ukraine? Donate now!

Particularly when facing such a complex problem, it is an enormous benefit to have scientists from different fields and faculties who are able to examine the issues that this conflict is giving rise to.

This fits with our role of providing insights, of interpreting information and engaging with society. Crucial to us are international collaboration, our commitment to open science and education and our core value of academic freedom: we are very concerned that these principles will also come under threat in this conflict.

Our university’s core values are freedom, responsibility, connection and innovation – these are not things we take lightly. We want to propagate them actively and in practical terms.  We want to connect, and to share our opinions, perspectives and concerns in freedom.  In doing so, we accept the responsibility to listen to and respect one another; to show understanding not only for people from Ukraine who suffer under the attack but also those from Russia, many of whom are opposed to the war and are themselves suffering its consequences.

Annetje Ottow (President)
Hester Bijl (Rector Magnificus)
Martijn Ridderbos (Vice-Chairman)

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