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Cleveringa chair

The Cleveringa chair was installed by Leiden University in memory of Professor Rudolph Pabus Cleveringa and the courage he demonstrated in November 1940 during the German occupation (1940-1945). It also commemorates the liberation of the Netherlands in 1945.

The Cleveringa chair is held by a different person every academic year. The holder can be Dutch or international. This rotating professorship has been in existence since 1970.

Cleveringa lecture by the Cleveringa professor

On or around 26 November, the Cleveringa professor delivers the Cleveringa lecture in the Great Auditorium of the Academy Building. The lecture is open to anyone who wishes to attend, particularly students and lecturers at Leiden University, but also other interested parties. The Cleveringa professor is appointed on the advice of a committee made up of the Council of Deans.

Holders of the Cleveringa chair 

The first two Cleveringa lecturers held the chair for longer than one year.

Please note that, although the titles have been translated into English to give an impression of their content, not all lectures are available in English.

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