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Laboratory animal facilities

We have facilities for various research animals, all of which naturally comply with legal requirements. We take great care of the animals, and our enclosures are designed to meet the specific needs of the different species.

The rodent facility

In the rodent facility, we maintain rodents under well-controlled conditions. The temperature is consistently around 21 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is kept at 55%. The rodents are housed in open cages or individually ventilated cages. The cages receive filtered air, ensuring that the animals are not exposed to unwanted pathogens from the surrounding air. We adjust the light regime as much as possible to the natural needs of the animals; for example, the light is dimmed during the day for nocturnal animals. Each cage is equipped with cage enrichment items, allowing animals to play or build nests. Rodents have unrestricted access to water and food.

The fish facility

Separate facilities are designed for fish, where we maintain a constant water temperature and ensure water quality. A fixed light regime is also implemented, tailored to the needs of the fish. The feeding and feeding regimen depend on the age and requirements of the fish.

The bird facility

Birds are housed in a dedicated facility where humidity, temperature, and air circulation are adjusted to the needs of the birds. Aviaries enable the cohabitation of group animals in larger groups.

Special facilities for animal research

In all animal facilities, special spaces are set up where we can:

  • Observe animals
  • Conduct research with specialised equipment, such as microscopes or setups for behavioural experiments
  • Perform surgeries

Additionally, we sometimes study animals in the wild. This is always driven by specific research questions that can only be answered with animals in their natural environment. In such cases, we collaborate closely with local research institutions and conservation authorities.

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