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Laboratory animals in research

At Leiden University, for some of our research we use laboratory animals. We conduct this research in a responsible way and only when there is no other viable alternative to laboratory animals. We ensure that these animals have as good a life as possible and we place high demands on the quality of the research.

Why experiment on animals?

We only conduct animal experiments if this is absolutely necessary and if there is no other way to answer the research question. Read here how we assess and account for these experiments.

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Animal welfare

We do everything possible to give our laboratory animals as good a life as possible. We would like to explain what this means in practice.

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Given the different disciplines and degree programmes at Leiden University, the animal experiments that we conduct are very diverse. These include both biomedical and biological research.

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We train our scientists in conducting laboratory animal research. The attitude of the scientists towards the animals involved is a key factor.

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Animal Welfare Body

The Animal Welfare Body is closely involved with all aspects of research on laboratory animals.

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