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Leiden University focuses on four leadership competences. We believe that connecting with both yourself and others is essential for good teamwork, taking responsibility and pushing boundaries.

Four leadership competences 

  1. Connection

    Consciously approaching others in an open, respectful way, recognising, and valuing our differences and acting in the interest of others and of the organisation.
  2. Working together

    Working to achieve a shared objective and taking advantage of a range of different experiences and perspectives to move forward together.
  3. Taking responsibility

    Setting clear expectations and objectives for yourself and others, so you can work decisively and with confidence, balance and focus to achieve results.
  4. Moving boundaries

    Learning to look beyond your own limits, adapt to change and contribute to improvement and innovation with a vision for the future.
The four leadership competences are depicted in a circle. Each competence has its own colour. Making a connection is green. Working Together is orange. Taking responsibility is blue. Pushing Boundaries is purple.
The four leadership competences: connecting, working together, taking responsibility and pushing boundaries.

Competency cards

The competency cards are detailed descriptions of the four leadership competencies. You can find them in the Let's Connect Toolkit. Click on the tag "Leadership" on the bottom of the page in the toolkit to download the cards.

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Four leadership roles

As a supervisor, you often need to switch between different leadership roles. This begins with leading yourself for everyone. Your leadership role will expand in different ways, depending on who you are leading.

  1. Yourself

    You take leadership in your own development and performance.
  2. Others

    You lead a small number of people, whether formally or informally.
  3. A team

    You lead a team or group..
  4. The organisation

    You lead the organisation, a faculty, or a unit.
The four leadership roles: leadership of yourself, of others, of a team and of the organisation.
The four leadership roles: leadership of yourself, of others, of a team and of the organisation.
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