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About Leadership

To help us shape the future and achieve our vision and ambitions at Leiden University, we need everyone at the university to show leadership.

Why we are investing in leadership

Leadership helps build a strong community and reinforces a shared vision for how we treat each other based on our core values. This fosters a safe, stimulating climate for work and learning in which staff and students can make the most of their talents.

Developing leadership boosts mutual trust, which helps us adapt to new situations and seek out connections with the people around us. In turn, this accelerates the process by which the complex issues we face – both now and in the future – can be converted into real scientific and social impact. Developing leadership also demands that we maintain a clear focus and decisive attitude.

We believe we show leadership when we:

•    Connect with others on a personal level.
•    Work together on a basis of trust and equality.
•    Stimulate innovation and progress by looking beyond our own limits and remaining agile.
•    Take responsibility and create opportunities to add value, and do what needs to be done for the group, for the university and for society.
•    Adopt our core values – ‘connection’, ‘innovation’, ‘responsibility’ and ‘freedom’ – as our compass for how to treat each other.

Growing in leadership

At Leiden University, our leadership ambitions are a core feature of recruitment and selection, career options, learning pathways for all our colleagues and increasing the professionalism of our managers.

We focus on:

  1. Personal leadership

    By helping colleagues develop leadership in their own lives and when leading others.
  2. Shared leadership

    By helping teams and groups at every level of the organisation develop their shared leadership.
  3. Appreciation

    By showing appreciation for colleagues who take on a leadership role, and recognising how challenging that can be.
  4. Benefiting from diverse and unique talent

    By attracting colleagues with diverse and unique talents, experiences and perspectives who are passionate about their work and keen to develop their personal leadership.
  5. Leadership in every phase and in every role

    By focusing on leadership in every phase of your career and in every role, from the moment you join the university.
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