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The research profile area Interaction between Legal Systems has a multidisciplinary approach and aims to inspire innovative research. Out of all the proposals put forward, three winning projects have been selected for the forthcoming research period 2016-2020.

The winning projects:

  • Data use, online consumer needs, business strategies and regulatory response
  • SOLID: Solidarity under strain -  A legal, criminological and economic analysis of welfare states and free movement in the EU
  • Policing the high seas: maritime law-enforcement in a multi-actor environment

On the basis of the successful completion of the profile area Interaction between Legal Systems (ILS 1.0), the Executive Board of Leiden University has awarded the profile area a grant of €1,000,000. The research projects concerned provide public and private actors with more clarity about their effectiveness, competence and accountability so that they can contribute towards the development of national, European and international policy that is effective and fully observes the rule of law.

The selected projects have a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach. In this way, national and international legal frameworks and fields of law are combined and insights are integrated from various fields including law, philosophy, psychology, economics and criminology.

The projects aim to inspire collaboration between researchers from various institutes and departments, and at the same time also inspire collaboration with researchers from our international academic networks.                                                                                                                                                                            

All projects involve the major stakeholders (policymakers, non-government organisations (NGOs), international organisations) in their research, providing Leiden Law School the opportunity to position itself internationally in the area of scientific innovative and socially relevant research.

ILS 1.0

The directors of ILS 1.0 (2011-2015) were Prof. Tineke Cleiren, Prof. Alex Geert Castermans and Prof. Tom Barkhuysen.

From 21-23 January 2015 Leiden Law School hosted an international conference devoted to the ‘Interaction between Legal Systems’, bringing together 300 researchers from all legal research disciplines. They reflected on the common dilemma’s and future challenges posed by the current multilevel legal order. Frictions do not always qualify as a problem, while not all problems need to be redressed by traditional lawmakers. Hierarchy and autonomy, protection and trust, enforcement and dialogue as well as the use of private and academic initiatives appeared to be the key notions in 4 plenary meetings, 18 workshops and 15 fringe meetings.

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