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Information for current and prospective Leiden University staff on how Brexit might affect your right to work and live in The Netherlands.


The United Kingdom wants to leave the European Union (EU) at midnight (Dutch time) on 31 January 2020. On 17 October the UK and the EU reached an agreement on the conditions for the UK’s departure from the EU (Brexit) and a transition period. This agreement must be approved by both the UK parliament and the European Parliament before it can enter into force. 

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s general election victory on 12 December makes it likely that the agreement will be approved by the UK parliament. The UK House of Commons approved the agreement by a large majority on 9 January. The agreement will be debated in the House of Lords in the next few weeks. If both houses approve the agreement, the European Parliament will vote on it in January.

Interim agreements

The IND is prepared for both a deal and no deal. You can find out more information about the negotiation process and interim agreements on the website of the Dutch Government.

The IND has produced two animations with information about what Brexit means for you as a UK national living in the Netherlands. The animations explain what you can do now to prepare to arrange your residence in the Netherlands after Brexit.

Please visit the IND website for more detailed information in relation to the right of residence for UK nationals.

Verify your BRP registration

Your registration as a resident in the city’s Personal Records Database (BRP) serves as proof that you have been, and are, living in the Netherlands. It is important that your BRP registration is correct, as you will receive your letters from the IND at the address of your registration. 

Before Brexit, please go to your town hall to register in the Personal Records Database (BRP) - if you have not already done so. This enables the Dutch Immigration and naturalisation services (IND) to get in touch with you.

Check that you have received a letter from IND

At some point you will receive a letter from the IND, inviting you to apply for a residence permit on the IND website within 28 days. You can apply for yourself and your family members together online, provided you are in the possession of a DigiD. The fee will be €58,00 for adults and €31,00 for children under the age of 18.

Please e-mail a copy of your Dutch residence card to the Service Centre International Staff.

Driving license

As EU citizen you can transpose your driving license to a Dutch driving license. After Brexit, you will no longer be allowed to drive indefinitely in the Netherlands. It is advised you explore your options in time.

Further information

For further information and to discuss your personal situation, please contact The Service Centre International Staff scis@leidenuniv.nl. Phone +31 (0) 71 - 527 7300 .

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