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Find out more about the impact of Brexit on research projects.


Impact of Brexit on research projects
The UK’s departure from the European Union may have an impact on some joint research projects and activities. All existing contracts involving UK partners should be reviewed and you should consult with the Luris legal team for advice from Luris when entering into new contracts involving UK partners.

Re-read existing contracts
The UK’s departure from the European Union does not invalidate contracts willingly entered into by parties in the UK and the Netherlands. However, we recommend that you carefully re-read your contracts with UK partner institutions to see if there are any provisions referring to EU directives.
Contact luresearchcontracts@luris.nl to discuss potential legal risks in regard to research contracts.

New contracts
When entering into new research contracts involving partners from the UK, you are advised to consult Luris, particularly if intellectual property rights are involved and/or if the contract will be subject to UK law.

H2020 and other EU funding schemes to 31 December 2020
The UK and EU have agreed an extension to the Article 50 period to 31 October 2019. During this time the UK remains a member of the EU and all the relevant rights and obligations. UK organisations can continue to participate in Horizon 2020 as a Member State, and will remain eligible to apply for funding.

The UK Government has committed to underwrite, for the lifetime of the projects, the UK’s participation in any EU funded schemes submitted before exit, as well as applications submitted after exit to 31 December 2020. This includes UK participation in H2020 projects in a no-deal.

EU funding from 1 January 2021
The UK will need to negotiate its status with the EU from 1 January 2021 onwards. If you have any questions/concerns please contact grants@luris.nl

Useful information
- UK PARTICIPATION IN HORIZON 2020: UK government overview
- Guidance: The government’s guarantee for EU-funded programmes if there’s no Brexit deal
- European Commission Press release: ‘No-deal' Brexit preparedness: European Commission takes stock of preparations and provides practical guidance to ensure coordinated EU approach

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