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Data Science Research Programme


The Faculty of Medicine

LUMC is a modern university medical center for research, education and patient care with a high quality profile and a strong scientific orientation.

Its unique research practice, ranging from pure fundamental medical research to applied clinical research, places LUMC among the world top.This enables LUMC to offer patient care and education that is in line with the latest international insights and standards – and helps it to improve medicine and healthcare both internally and externally.

Data Science Research Projects

Mortality and HyperImage: Visual analytics techniques for biomarker discovery in massive 3D-omics datasets

Antonios Somarakis

Over the past decade, several novel types of spatially resolved "omics imaging" data have become available. These type of data enable interrogation of biological systems in a highly multiplexed way providing a wealth of information about the internal state and environment of a cell. The high‐dimensionality, massive amount and nonlinear structure of such high‐dimensional data poses considerable challenges for analyzing and interpreting them. This project is focused on the development of novel visual analytics techniques to overcome these analysis challenges. Eventually, the visual analytics technologies developed in this project will open up the full biomarker discovery potential of “omics imaging” data.

Obesity-related diseases and mortality

Deeksha Khialani

The primary aim of the project will be to analyse the vast Netherlands Epidemiology of Obesity (NEO) database, a unique, large, and valuable data source to study the many pathways that may lead to obesity-related diseases. It includes data from many participants, many different sources of clinical information, and a vast amount of clinical endpoints. Further, the secondary goal is to link the data to external databases to unravel the pathophysiology of obesity related diseases.

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