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Data Science Research Programme

Governance and Global Affairs

The Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs

Facing important socio-cultural issues of the 21st century like climate change, terrorism and economic crises, requires a substantial and in-depth scientific knowledge. But this knowledge alone is often not enough. At the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs these themes are studied through a  combined perspective of public administration, political science, law, sociology and economics. This interdisciplinary approach gives the Faculty’s research and teaching its cross-border character. 

Data Science Research Projects

Automated text analysis of policy-related documentation

Project Hugo de Vos

The aim of this project is to investigate methods for automatically extracting information from policy documents.
Political institution (like the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament) generate large bodies of text. These great amounts of text can impossibly be read by a researcher. Contrary to human researchers, computers are able to read thousands of documents a day. In this research project we look for ways to utilize this ability of computers for the benefit of Political Research. Enlarging the number of documents that can be studied in a project, allows for new questions to be investigated that were impossible to answer before.

Using techniques from Text Mining and Natural Language Processing, we try to search for patterns in the large collections of text created by institutions of the European Union.

Improving citizens’ participation in public service delivery: the possibilities of data dashboards

Annelieke van den Berg

This project considers how data science methods can influence the interaction between government and citizens on public platforms. Data science offers exciting new instruments for governments to reach out to citizens, for example by using data-driven information channels, providing real-time simulations, or personalizing services based on citizen data. At the same time, the possibilities and use of data science methods can have great impact on the work of government and raise questions about ethics of their use. This project combines these two perspectives to research whether citizen participation is affected by these (big) data assisted public platforms.

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