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Data Science Research Programme


The Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is a world-class faculty where staff and students work together in a dynamic international environment. It is a faculty where personal and academic development are top priorities. Our people are driven by curiosity to expand fundamental knowledge and to look beyond the borders of their own discipline; their aim is to benefit science, and to make a contribution to addressing the major societal challenges of the future.

The research carried out at the Faculty of Science is very diverse, ranging from mathematics, information science, astronomy, physics, chemistry and bio-pharmaceutical sciences to biology and environmental sciences.

Data Science Research Projects

Modeling interactions to unravel biomarkers for disease progression and treatment response

Laura Zwep

Large biobanking studies of healthy volunteers and patients are increasingly conducted for analyzing using molecular high-throughput molecular profiling (“omics”) technologies such as genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics to obtain insights in molecular alterations underlying disease.

A major challenge for the analysis of such large clinical datasets associated with multiple high-dimensional datasets represents the integration of multiple omics technologies and typically longitudinally measured clinical data in a statistically and biologically meaningful way.

A new era for nature conservation using hyperspectral and lidar data; Oostvaardersplassen as a case study

Nuno César de Sá

This project aims to develop advanced data analysis methods for monitoring and increasing our understanding on biodiversity dynamics in nature reserves such as the Oostvaardersplassen. Earth observation methodologies have incredibly improved over the past decade. As a result, applications to nature management come in range, but these demand new ecoinformatics tools for nature conservation, e.g., for tracking animals based on hyperspectral data, and for linking spatial and temporal patterns of animal movement to vegetation characteristics.

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining from patient experience repositories

Anne Dirkson

This PhD project, funded by the Dutch SIDN fonds, is part of the Patient Forum Miner (PFM) research programme. Patients often share experiences on internet forums. These experiences often contain valuable information for patients, medical specialists and researchers. This information is hidden in an abundance of messages for emotional support. The aim of the PFM programme is to extract the information which is of real value and to formulate hypotheses which can be input for further clinical research. 

Data Science Research Programme project [Prajit Dhar]

Prajit Dhar

Data Science Research Programme project [Daniela Gawehns]

Daniela Gawehns

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