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Digital Archaeology

Digital Archaeology is concerned with digital data for for archaeological research, and the computational methods and tools required to collect, analyse and manage it.

The use of computers in archaeology goes back to the 1960s, and today archaeology is one of the most digitised disciplines among the historical and social sciences. Computer-based tools such as spatial analysis, 3D modelling, simulation, image analysis and others have opened up new avenues for archaeological enquiry, significantly broadening our understanding of the human past. Our expertise in survey, remote sensing, spatial analysis and data management covers the whole workflow of archaeological research.

Students of Digital Archaeology will learn to collect digital data in the field using our state-of-the-art surveying equipment, and to process, visualise, analyse, interpret, manage and present digital data in our computer laboratory. Our network of national and international partners provides ample opportunity of hands-on training and exchange.

Digital Archaeology research facilities

The Digital Archaeology research group manages two computer laboratories with different purposes: the teaching lab (F1.01) and the research lab (A1.13a).


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