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Research facilities

Laboratories for Digital Archaeology

The Digital Archaeology research group manages two computer laboratories with different purposes: the teaching lab (F1.01) and the research lab (A1.13a).
The teaching lab is available to students when no courses are being taught. The research lab is available to staff members and graduate students during office hours on weekdays for using specialized hardware and software.
Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
Milco Wansleeben

Teaching Lab / Computer Classroom (F1.01)

This classroom is intended for archaeology students. During most of the weekdays courses on different computer applications in archaeology will be given here. Course subjects range from databases and statistics to GIS and 3D modelling. All undergraduate students follow a number of courses in computer applications, both in theory and practice. Employers nowadays expect archaeology graduates to be able to collect, analyse and present archaeological data in digital form. These computer skills are an important and compulsory part of the BA curriculum. The software installed on these computers includes a number of applications specific to digital archaeology.

The room is open on all weekdays during office hours. As long as there are no courses going on, the room is available for students. Further facilities are provided in room C0.06 where a few general purpose computer are located. The software on these computers also includes the digital archaeology toolkit.

Research Lab (A1.13a)

3D model of an antler axe.

A small room on the first floor houses special IT hardware and software. This equipment can be used by staff members and graduate students. Connected to a few computers you will find hardware to scan slides, documents and large-scale (up to A0) drawings. Some of the computers are equipped with a large amount of internal memory and fast and large hard disks. They are installed in such a way that they can run tasks overnight, e.g. for processes like creating 3D models, manipulating GIS data, analysing remote sensing data or extensive spatial modeling.

The room is accessible for all staff members. Graduate  students are requested to make an appointment with a Digital Archaeology staff member to get access.

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