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Human Osteology and Funeral Archaeology

The Laboratory for Human Osteoarchaeology specialises in the macroscopic and microscopic analysis of human remains. We use cutting edge scientific approaches to address archaeological, historical, and anthropological research questions. In addition to paleopathological, histological, and 3D scanning methods, we also employ biomolecular applications, including isotopic, hormonal, and parasitological analyses.

We curate more than 2,000 human skeletons, primarily from the medieval and post-medieval Low Countries, which are utilized for both research and teaching purposes. Our students, under supervision, are able to conduct hands-on research, producing new datasets and addressing innovative research questions. Members of the Laboratory for Human Osteoarchaeology currently have ongoing field projects in Egypt, Sudan, Chile, and The Netherlands.

We take ethics very seriously in the laboratory and are committed to engaging in public outreach activities, and working with descendant communities, heritage specialists, and museums.

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