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Large Scale Structure and Gravitational Waves as probes of gravity

  • A. Garoffolo
dinsdag 4 juli 2023
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden


  • dr. A. Silvestri
  • Prof.dr. A. Achucarro


Gravitational waves offer a new way to look at the Universe. Understanding how their amplitude and trajectory change during their propagation, will tell us about the medium they traverse, namely the spacetime, similarly to light. Their detection holds the potential to unveil valuable information about dark energy, the driving force behind the observed recent cosmic acceleration, as well as the organization and evolution of cosmic structures, such as dark matter filaments.  During my PhD, I led an exciting research program focused on gravitational wave propagation. I placed special emphasis on understanding the experimental prerequisites for utilizing these novel messengers in cosmology.


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