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Exploring Open-World Visual Understanding with Deep Learning

  • N. Pu
donderdag 8 december 2022
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden


We are living in an information era where the amount of image and video data increases exponentially. It is important to develop intelligent visual understanding systems to satisfy our need for searching information of interest. An important example of such a system that, with the current increasing concern for public security, is urgently required, is an automated person Re-Identification (ReID) system. This thesis mainly focuses on exploring ReID systems via deep learning methods. To enable ReID systems to meet the so-called open-world challenges, we explore three themes that are challenging yet practical in real application scenarios: lifelong learning, unsupervised domain adaptation and cross-modality challenge. Furthermore, this thesis provides numerous experiments and in-depth analysis, which can help motivate further research on the three research themes.


  • Prof.dr. M.S. Lew
  • Prof.dr. A. Plaat


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