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Open Science Coffee: User experiences on preregistration

donderdag 24 november 2022

OSCoffee: User experiences on preregistration

In this next session of the “Fall theme: preregistration and registered reports” we want to give the word to you - OSCL members and affiliates - to talk about your experiences when it comes to preregistration during our Open Science Coffee. Good experiences, bad experiences, tops, tips, from users who have preregistererd multiple times and from users who have tried it once and have either “failed" or “succeeded". If you also have experiences to share that might be of use for others who are planning to preregister, please contact us (oscl@leidenuniv.nl) so we can save some time for you.

Confirmed experience experts: 
Tom Heyman – Methodology & Statistics, Institute of Psychology, Leiden University
Bob Siegerink & Lodewijk Pet – Clinical Epidemiology, LUMC
Myrthe Reuver – Computational Linguistics & Textmining Lab (CLTL), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Open to all. 

Use the button to find out how to join!

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