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Open Science Community Leiden


OSCL is a learning community where anyone associated with Leiden University can learn and talk about open science practices. Example events are Open Science cafés, workshops, and walk-in-hours.

The what

Open science is an umbrella term for an approach to science that aims to make scientific research accessible, reproducible, and freely available to people within and outside of academics. An important goal is to practice science in a transparent way. Open science topics include, amongst other things: transparent methods, pre-registration, sharing data/code and research tools, reproducibility, replication research, citizen science, open peer-review, publishing open access, diversity and inclusion, research integrity, uploading preprints and (meta) research about scientific methods.

The how

Embarking on Open Science can seem rather daunting at first: there are so many new terms and all sorts of different organisations committed to Open Science. The Open Science Community Leiden wants to make the new developments accessible to everyone, in an efficient manner. 

People often think you have to do everything completely open, right from the start. But why not start small and ask your colleague further down the corridor how he or she experienced something? To find that colleague, just take a look at the member profiles of the Open Science Community Leiden. In your profile, you can indicate what you already know, what topics others can ask you about, and what you want to learn more about. On the basis of these topics, we will organise events such as workshops or talks, including drinks, so you can get to know each other and find out who to ask. With experiences harvested at these events, we actively inform top down policy makers, to ensure we co-create the open future together. 

Anyone who is interested to learn more about Open Science is welcome to join us (you'll get an OSCL member profile and an option to subscribe to the newsletter). 

The when

OSCL events can be accessed through the OSCL Teams, where currently most discussions are held and materials (slides) are shared. OSCL members can find recordings of past events here

Do you want to stay informed about our progress without becomming a member? Follow @OSCLeiden or send an email to OSCL@leidenuniv.nl asking, for instance, to be put on the list for the newsletter.

For the vision and mission statement of our International Network of Open Science & Scholarship Communities (INOSC), see here. To find out about Open Science Communities via visual format, check out this video: https://vimeo.com/510808878

Want to become a community representative? Learn more here.


The logo of OSCL was adopted from the OSCU logo, originally created by Anita Eerland. The thumbnail (small logo) is licenced under CC-ND (not allowed to copy or modify).
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