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Seminar: POPNET Connects with Willem Boterman

  • Willem Boterman
dinsdag 5 april 2022
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School choice and school segregation

School segregation is both a result and a cause of educational inequalities in societies world-wide. Understanding mechanisms for the emergence of school segregation is crucial for understanding potential policy solutions. A vast literature has identified a number of main factors in school segregation of which residential patterns and school choice are arguably the most important. Drawing on findings from a range of qualitative and quantitative studies, I will outline the complexity of school segregation and suggest to combine existing approaches with a complexity science perspective. I will present both empirical evidence from the Netherlands and insights from theoretical models.

About Willem Boterman

Willem Boterman is Associate Professor Urban Geography at the University of Amsterdam. He combines qualitative and quantitative methods in his interdisciplinary work into the relationship between spatial and social inequalities. His work is primarily concerned with segregation in neighborhoods and schools, but also with formations of social class and gender.

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