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Volume XV, 2021

Complete Issue

Welcome from the Editors


Bringing Religiosity Back In: Critical Reflection on the Explanation of Western Homegrown Religious Terrorism (Part I)
by Lorne L. Dawson

Dying to Live: The "Love of Death" Narrative Driving the Taliban's Suicide Bombings
by Atal Ahmadzai

The Use of Bay'ah by the Main Salafi-Jihadist Groeps
by Carlos Igualada and Javier Yag├╝e

Counter-Terrorism in the Philippines: Revies of Key Issues
by Ronald Mendoza, Rommel Jude G. Ong and Dion Lorenz, L. Romano

Variations on the Theme? Comparing 4chand, 8kun and other chans' Far-right "/pol" Boards
by Stephane J. Baele, Lewys Brace and Travis G. Coan

Research Notes

Climate Change-Terrorism Nexus? A Preliminary Review/Analysis of the Literature
by Jeremiah O. Asaka

Inventory of 200+ Institutions and Centres in the Field of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Research
by Reinier Bergema and Olivia Kearney


Counterterrorism Bookshelf: Eight Books on Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism-Related Subjects
Reviewed by Joshua Sinai

Bibliography: Terrorism by Region - Southeast Asia
Compiled and selected by Judith Tinnes

Bibliography: Civilian Casualties of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
Compiled and selected by David Teiner

Preparedness for, and Resilience to, Terrorism: Bibliography of Theses (60+ Full-Text Academis Theses (Ph. D. and M.A.) written in English between 2000 and 2020)
Compiled and selected by Brody McDonald

Recent Online Resources for the Analysis of Terrorism Related Subjects
Compiled and selected by Berto Jongman


Conference Monitor/Calendar of Events
Complied by Olivia Kearney

Words of Appreciation for Reviewers and Members of the Editorial Board
by Alex P. Schmid and James J.F. Forest

TRI Best Thesis Award 2019 & 2020
by Alex P. Schmid

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