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Volume X 2016

Perspectives on Terrorism 2016

Full issue
Introduction to the Special Issue


Jihadi Terrorism in Europe: The IS-Effect
by Petter Nesser, Anne Stenersen, Emilie Oftedal

Criminal Pasts, Terrorist Futures: European Jihadists and the New Crime-Terror Nexus
by Rajan Basra, Peter R. Neumann

Plebeian Jihadism in Denmark: An Individualisation and Popularization Predating the Growth of the Islamic State
by Ann-Sophie Hemmingsen

Patterns of Involvement among Individuals Arrested for Islamic State-related Terrorist Activities in Spain, 2013-2016
by Carola García-Calvo, Fernando Reinares

Jihadism in Norway: a Typology of Militant Networks in a Peripheral European Country
by Brynjar Lia and Petter Nesser

With a Little Help from my Friends: an Exploration of the Tactical Use of Single-Actor Terrorism by the Islamic State
by Clare Ellis

IS and the Jihadist Information Highway – Projecting Influence and Religious Identity via Telegram
by Nico Prucha

“I Just Said It. The State”: Examining the Motivations for Danish Foreign Fighting in Syria
by Jakob Sheikh

Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq and the Socio-Economic Environment They Faced at Home: A Comparison of European Countries
by Philip Verwimp

Terrorism and Beyond Exploring the Fallout of the European Foreign Fighter Phenomenon in Syria and Iraq
by Jeanine de Roy van Zuijdewijn

The French "Iraqi Networks" of the 2000s: Matrix of the 2015 Terrorist Attacks?
by Jean Pierre Filiu

Countering Violent Extremism with Governance Networks
by Anja Dalgaard Nielsen

Why States Fail to Counter Foreign Fighter Mobilizations: The Role of Intelligence Services
by Timothy Holman

The Future of Jihadism in Europe: A Pessimistic View
by Thomas Hegghammer


Bibliography: Islamist Terrorism in Europe
by Judith Tinnes

Counterterrorism Bookshelf: 12 Books on Al-Qaida and ISIS-related Subjects
by Joshua Sinai

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