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Volume IX 2015

Perspectives on Terrorism 2015

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Welcome from the Editors


Measuring the Effectiveness of Israel’s ‘Targeted Killing’ Campaign
by Ophir Falk

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth Exploring De-radicalization Claims of Former Egyptian Militant Leaders  
by Dina Al Raffie

Terrorism, Communication and New Media Explaining Radicalization in the Digital Age
by Cristina Archetti

Constructing Cyberterrorism as a Security Threat a Study of International News Media Coverage
by Lee Jarvis, Stuart Macdonald and Andrew Whiting

Research Notes

Although the (Dis-)Believers Dislike it. A Backgrounder on IS Hostage Videos – August - December 2014
by Judith Tinnes

When Terrorists and Target Governments Cooperate. The Case of Syria
by Michael Becker

 “I’m down for a Jihad” How 100 Years of Gang Research Can Inform the Study of Terrorism, Radicalization and Extremism
by Scott H. Decker and David C. Pyrooz

Book Reviews

Patrick Cockburn, The Jihadis Return. The Rise of ISIS and the new Sunni Uprising And Loretta Napoleoni, The Islamist Phoenix. The Islamic State and the Redrawing of the Middle East. Reviewed
by Teun van Dongen

Counterterrorism Bookshelf 16 Books on Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism-related Subjects Reviewed
by Joshua Sinai


Bibliography Terrorism in, or Originating from the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Russia (Part 1) Compiled and Selected
by Judith Tinnes

Bibliography Foreign Fighters of Terrorism Compiled
by Eric Price

Notes from the Editor

News From TRI’s National PhD Writers Networks Compiled
by Alex P. Schmid


TRI Award for Best PhD Thesis 2014. Last Call for Submissions
by Alex P. Schmid

Word of Thanks for our External Peer Reviewers
from the Editorial Team

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