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Volume VI 2012

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by Alex P. Schmid (editor-in-chief) & Lorraine Bowman-Grieve (guest co-editor)

Perception Challenges Faced by Al-Qaeda on the Battlefield of Influence Warfare 
by James J.F. Forest

From Terrorist to Persona: Para-Social Interaction and the ETA Website 
by Yotam Ophir and Gabriel Weimann 

The YouTube Jihadists: A Social Network Analysis of Al-Muhajiroun’s Propaganda Campaign
by Jytte Klausen, Eliane Tschaen Barbieri, Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, and Aaron Y. Zelin 

Online Arguments against Al-Qaeda: An Exploratory Analysis 
by Gilbert Ramsay

Rhetorical Charms: The Promise and Pitfalls of Humor and Ridicule as Strategies to Counter Extremist Narratives 
by H. L. Goodall, Jr, Pauline Hope Cheong, Kristin Fleischer and Steven R. Corman 

Use of the Internet to Counter the Appeal of Extremist Violence. Conference Summary & Follow-up/ Recommendations 
by the United Nations Counterterrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF), Working Group on Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes, Riyadh, 24 - 26 January 2011. 


Literature on Terrorism, Media, Propaganda & Cyber-Terrorism
Compiled by Eric Price Book 

Reviews Ali H Soufan and Daniel Freedman. The Black Banners: Inside the Hunt for Al-Qaeda. London: Allen Lane / W.W. Norton; 2011 
Reviewed by Richard Phelps Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan. 

Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict. New York: Columbia University Press, 2011
Reviewed by Jason Rineheart 

Full issue


Why Right is Might: How the Social Science on Radicalisation suggests that International Human Rights Norms actually help frame Effective Counterterrorism Policies 
by Tom Parker 

Assessing Psycho-Social Resilience in Diplomatic, Civilian & Military Personnel Serving in a High-Threat Security Environment during Counter-Insurgency and Counter-Terrorism Operations in Iraq 
by Anne Speckhard, Gino Verleye & Beatrice Jacuch 

Hizballah in Africa 
by Carl Wege

An Interview with Egyptian Islamist Scholar Abd al-Mun’im Moneep
by Nico Prucha


Trends and Developments in Terrorism: a Research Note
by Richard J. Chasdi 

Twelve Rules for Preventing and Countering Terrorism 
by Alex P. Schmid 

Literature on the Future of Terrorism (including Trends)
selected by Eric Price 

Three Bibliographies (i) Drones and Targeted Killing, (ii) Prosecuting Terrorism, and (iii) Enhanced Interrogation Techniques v. Torture 
compiled by Jaclyn A. Peterson

Hall Gardner and Oleg Kobtzeff. The Ashgate Research Companion to War: Origins and Prevention
Reviewed by Michael Boyle

Clive Walker. Terrorism and the Law.
Reviewed by Amos N. Guiora Jeffrey

William Lewis. The Business of Martyrdom: A History of Suicide Bombing. 
Reviewed by Assaf Moghadam 

Kent Roach. The 9/11 Effect: Comparative Counter-Terrorism.
Reviewed by David C. Hofmann

Ramon Spaaij. Understanding Lone Wolf Terrorism: Global Patterns, Motivations and Prevention.
Reviewed by Mark S. Hamm

News from TRI's National Networks of PhD Theses Writers
Update by Alex P. Schmid 

Special Double Issue on Terrorist Decision-Making . Prepared by James J.F. Forest

Full issue


Terrorist Decision-Making: Insights from Economics and Political Science 
by Jacob N. Shapiro             

Turning to and from Terror: Deciphering the Conditions under which Political Groups Choose Violent and Nonviolent Tactics 
by Susanne Martin, Arie Perliger   

Why Terrorists Overestimate the Odds of Victory
by Max Abrahms, Karolina Lula       

Exploring Agreements of Convenience Made among Violent Non-State Actors
by Annette Idler   

Exploring the Iran-Hezbollah Relationship: A Case Study of how State Sponsorship affects Terrorist Group Decision-Making 
by Marc R. DeVore

Terrorist Group and Government Interaction: Progress in Empirical Research    
by David B. Carter

The Decision Calculus of Terrorist Leaders          
by J. Tyson Chatagnier, Alex Mintz, Yair Samban    


Terrorism in North America (Canada, United States, Mexico), 1970 – 2010: a Research Note      
by Richard J. Chasdi             

Bibliography: Inside Terrorist Organisations       
compiled by Eric Price            

Book Reviews

Alex Strick van Linschoten and Felix Kuehn (Eds.). Poetry of the Taliban.              
by Richard Phelps 

Richard Jackson, Eamon Murphy & Scott Poynting (Eds.) Contemporary State Terrorism: Theory and Practice.   
by Oluwaseun Bamidele    

John Updike. Terrorist. 
by Amien Kacou    


News from TRI's National Networks of PhD Theses Writers         

Notes from the Editor

Call for Peer Reviewers

Full issue


Al-Qaeda's Response to the Arab Spring 
by Donald Holbrook            

The State as a Terrorist: France and the Red Hand          
by Thomas Riegler

Radio as the Voice of God: Peace and Tolerance Radio Programming’s Impact on Norms             
by Daniel P. Aldrich              


Research Note: Single Actor Terrorism: Scope, Characteristics and Explanations
by Petter Nesser  

Research Note: Inside an Indonesian Online Library for Radical Materials            
by Muhammad Haniff Hassan, Zulkifli Mohamed   

Research Note: Terrorism in Northwestern Africa: Mali, Mauretania, and Algeria: What START’s Quantitative Data (1970-2011) Can and Cannot Tell Us      
by Richard J Chasdi              

Review Essay: Twenty Important Journal Articles on Radicalisation to, and De-Radicalisation from, Terrorism     
by David Hofmann

Selected Literature on (i) Radicalization and Recruitment, (ii) De-Radicalization and Dis-Engagement, and (iii) Counter-Radicalization and Countering Violent Extremism           
by David C. C. Hofmann, Alex P. Schmid     

Literature on Victims of Terrorism: Monographs, Edited Volumes, Non-conventional Literature and Prime Articles & Book Chapters 
by Eric Price            

Book Reviews

Andreas Wenger and Alex Wilner (Eds.). Deterring Terrorism: Theory and Practice          
by Joshua Sinai      

Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC)        
by Alex P. Schmid 


News from TRI's National Networks of PhD Theses Writers         


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