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Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of Perspectives on Terrorism currently consists of 26 experienced researchers.

Members of the Editorial Board

Max Abrahms (Northeastern Univeristy, US)

Shazad Ali (Dawn, Karachi, Pakistan)

Joost Augusteijn (Leiden University, The Hague Campus, NE)

Jeffrey M. Bale (IIS, Monterey, US)

Michael Boyle (LaSalle University, US)

Anneli Botha (University of Free State, South Afrika)

Jarret Brachman (North Dakota State University, US)

Richard Chasdi (Wayne State University, Detroit, US)

Colin Clarke (The Soufan Center, US)

Laurs Dugan (Ohio State University, USA)

James ‘Chip’ O. Ellis (Vancouver, Canada)

Paul Gill ​(University College London, UK)​

Beatrice de Graaf (Utrecht University​, The Netherlands)

Aaron Hoffman (Simon Fraser University, CA)

Jennifer Giroux (ReD Associates, New York, US)​

M.J. Gohel (CEO, Asia-Pacific Foundation, London, UK)

Thomas Hegghammer (FFI, Oslo, Norway)

Annette Idler (Oxford University, UK)

Bradley McAllister (Nat. War College, Washington, DC, US)

Assaf Moghadam (Columbia University, New York, US)​

Sam Mullins (Marshall Center, Germany) 

Brian Nussbaum (University of Albany, US)

Brian Phillips (University of Essex, UK)

Simon Shen (Chinese University, Hong Kong)​

Neil Shortland (University of Massachusetts Lowell, US)

Anne Speckhard (ICSVE, Washington, DC​, US)

Ahmet Yalya (DeSales University, US)


Currently there are several vacancies on the Editorial Board. Readers of Perspective on Terrorism are invited to submit names of possible candidates. Selection will take place on the basis of the publication record of those nominated, taking also into account their contribution to a better gender and geographical balance of the Editorial Board.

Special expertise

Members of the Editorial Board act as peer-reviewers for articles submitted to Perspectives on Terrorism. In addition, the Editorial Board relies on the special expertise of other experienced researchers. In particular we would like to acknowledge the contributions of

Dr. Dean Alexander

Dr. O. Shawn Cupp

Dr. Alessandro Orsini

Dr. Brian Philips

Dr. P. Daniel Silk

Dr. James Wirtz

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