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Data Centres for Natural Recources and Products

Creating information portals for support of European environmental policy.

2009 - 2012
Rene Kleijn



Eurostat together with DG Environment (DG ENV), the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) are in the process of establishing 10 Data Centres: Natural Resources, Products (IPP), Waste, Soil, Forestry, Air, Climate Change, Water, Biodiversity, and Land Use.Eurostat was given responsibility for the Data Centres for Natural Resources, Products and Waste. The main purpose of these Data Centres is to improve knowledge about the relationship between resource use, economic growth and environmental impacts. They are expected to facilitate the gathering and assessment of environmental and economic data, and by this, support environmental policy goals in the field of products, natural resources and waste (e.g. as laid down in the Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and the Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan).

Against this background, Eurostat launched a call for tender on amongst others developing the first version of the data centres for Natural Resources and Products. This project was awarded to a consortium of TNO (the Netherlands), CML (Leiden University, Netherlands), and SERI (Austria/Germany). The project runs between early 2009 and mid 2011, and covers 3 main- and several sub-tasks: 

Task A

  • A1: Identification of information needs for policy and related indicators
  • A2: Clarification interlinkages (resources, products, waste, emissions, taxes)
  • A3: Identification of modules

Task B

  • B1: Contribution of modules to Data Centres and policy needs
  • B2: Complementarities between environmental accounts en LCA
  • B3: Integration to coherent data centres

Task C

  • C1: Developing a Data Centre structure
  • C2: Developing a draft web page
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