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Analysis of Energy Systems

The Institute of Environmental Sciences has carried out and participates in several projects that deal with the analysis of energy systems.

2006 - 2009
Ester van der Voet

Energy systems range from macro-level systems like the potential contribution of biomass to world energy demand to micro-level systems like greenhouse gas emissions from a manure digestion installation. Among the analytical tools that are being used to make an analysis of the energy supply systems are LCA, MFA and Environmentally extended IOA. 

Examples of projects being carried out are:

  • Development of a tool to calculate greenhousegas emissions from the use of biofuel and bioenergy.

Greenhousegas emission calculation tool

The Dutch government promotes the transition of current energy systems towards more sustainable energy systems. Several criteria are being used to assess the sustainability of these new energy systems. Reduction of greenhousegas emission is one of the criteria. The Institute of Environmental Sciences develops a method and tool that allows for the easy calculation of the reduction of greenhousegas emissions by the introduction of new (more sustainable) energy systems. 

The new energy systems under consideration are biofuels for transport and electricity production from biomass. The tool will be developed in coherence with a similar tool as being developed currently in the UK. Final result of this project will be

  1. calculation tool (software)
  2. software manual
  3. report describing the development of the tool
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