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Sheltering 10 billion people in a warming and resource-scarce world: challenges and opportunities

Sheltering is an immediate human need and determines well-being andhealth.

Zhong, X.
07 juni 2023
Thesis in Leiden Repository

However, we face many challenges in providing homes and offices for allon this rapidly changing planet. In the 21st century, climate change, resourcecrises, and population expansion will combine to exacerbate existingchallenges. We need to better understand and tackle these issues. Therefore,the overarching research question of this thesis is: What are the mainchallenges and opportunities in delivering decent shelters for nearly 10billion people in a warming and resource-scarce world? To this end, this thesismakes the first steps in exploring several key intersecting challenges relatedto resources scarcity, global warming, and natural hazards.

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