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Network flow algorithms for discrete tomography

Promotor: R. Tijdeman, Co-promotor: H.J.J. te Riele

K.J. Batenburg
19 september 2006
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Tomography is a powerful technique to obtain images of the interior of an object in a nondestructive way. First, a series of projection images (e.g., X-ray images) is acquired and subsequently a reconstruction of the interior is computed from the available project data. The algorithms that are used to compute such reconstructions are known as tomographic reconstruction algorithms. Discrete tomography is concerned with the tomographic reconstruction of images that are known to contain only a few different gray levels. By using this knowledge in the reconstruction algorithm it is often possible to reduce the number of projections required to compute an accurate reconstruction, compared to algorithms that do not use prior knowledge. This thesis deals with new reconstruction algorithms for discrete tomography. In particular, the first five chapters are about reconstruction algorithms based on network flow methods. These algorithms make use of an elegant correspondence between certain types of tomography problems and network flow problems from the field of Operations Research. Chapter 6 deals with a problem that occurs in the application of discrete tomography to the reconstruction of nanocrystals from projections obtained by electron microscopy.

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