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Hydrocarbons in interstellar ice analogues: UV-vis spectroscopy and VUV photochemistry

Promotor: Prof.dr. H.L.V. Linnartz

S.H. Cuylle
29 januari 2015
Thesis in Leiden Repository

This thesis treats the chemical behaviour of carbonaceous molecules in water-dominated interstellar ices. VUV photons are considered as the chemical trigger to induce solid state chemistry as it is omnipresent. Lyman- radiation occurs even in dense molecular clouds as a result of cosmic ray excitation of H2 and subsequently emitting its excess energy at 122 nm (Mathis et al. 1983). It comprises the addition of new tools to laboratory astrochemistry, expanding knowledge on the behaviour of PAHs in interstellar ices and research into the role of C 2H2 and polyynes in interstellar ice VUV photochemistry. It provides with spectroscopic tools for observers to enable the identification of the hydrocarbons encountered in interstellar ices, and it provides modellers with reaction dynamic information that can be used as an input for their models.

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