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Opportunity and Problem in Context (OPiC). A framework for environmental management in developing countries

Promotor: W.T. de Groot

David Tsetse
20 november 2008
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Environmental management is usually a complex issue that involves many scientific disciplines and many stakeholders. Environmental management is therefore much helped by schemes that can guide research, reports and discussions in a manner that makes the interconnections between the key elements of problems and solutions visible. OPiC is the name of such a scheme (‘framework’). It is applicable to any environmental problem but the thesis of David Tsetse focuses especially on developing countries. OPiC interconnects, for instance, the causal chains in the environment and their mirror chains of environmental standards, the functions of nature, the desires of society, the analysis of products and services over their entire life cycle, criteria for evaluation, the identification of options for solutions and principles of policy design. A framework such as OPiC is not only a tool for the effective scientific and technical analysis, but may serve as well as a common foundation for collaboration between governments, companies and citizens.

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