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CMLCA is a software tool that supports the technical steps of the Life Cycle Assessment. The focus of the program is on advanced computational aspects of life cycle inventory calculations.

CML - Department of Industrial Ecology
29 juni 2015

What is CMLCA?

CMLCA is an abbreviation of Chain Management by Life Cycle Assessment. It is a software tool that is intended to support the technical steps of the life cycle assessment procedure (LCA). It does not support the procedural aspects, like peer review, involvement of stakeholders, quality assurance and usefulness of LCA for the decision at stake. The program assumes that the user is aware of the basic principles of LCA. Moreover, there is at present only a small manual and a limited help facility. This may, however, change in due time.

How to get CMLCA

CMLCA and corresponding documentation is available at our separate  www.cmlca.eu website.


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