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Final presentations Area Study Sustainability: Wheels of Metals

Friday 30 January 2015 were the final presentations of the last course of the Minor Sustainable Development.

This year the Area Study was about Wheels of Metals: a circular economy for metals. All students were challenged to write an Urban Mining Business Plan of Rotterdam.

The main question of the course was: How to extract metals from old buildings, cars, etc, so that we don’t need metals of the soil anymore? And, even more important to make it work: can you make money of it?
All students were challenged to write a Urban Mining Business Plan of the city and harbor of Rotterdam. They looked at 4 different metals: aluminum, iron, tantalum and copper. In front of a board of critical experts from the field, students presented their Business Plans.

Interested in the Minor Sustainable Development 2015-2016?

We're looking back on a successful cycle of the Minor Sustainable Development and we're already looking forward to start with a new sequence of the Minor in September 2015!

For interested students in the Minor:

You can also visit us at the Minor market: 29 April 2015 at the faculty of Humanities.

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