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PLC Adding voices to the philosophy curriculum

In this PLC, philosophy teachers work together to diversify the Dutch philosophy curriculum. International experts will share their knowledge in online lectures.

Cursuscode 20232418

The Dutch secondary education philosophy curriculum lacks diversity. Women philosophers and philosophers who fall outside of the Western canon are only marginally represented. Teachers would like to diversify their lessons, but they do not have enough time or expertise.

This Professional Learning Community (PLC) is aimed at overcoming both challenges. First, we invite international guest speakers to bring the necessary expertise to the Dutch teacher community. Second, we aim at publishing the outcomes of the PLC in a special journal edition with clear lesson plans, to facilitate the effective introduction of new voices to the high school curriculum.

Why participate in this PLC?

  • You get exclusive access to online lectures from experts;
  • You work closely with fellow philosophy teachers;
  • You are coached in writing an article;
  • You are supported during the publication process;
  • You develop new teaching materials.
  • The PLC is open to philosophy teachers in Dutch high schools.
  • The online meetings with international guest lecturers are open to high school teachers from around the globe, and will be announced through the network of the International Philosophy Olympiad.
  • You are a philosophy teacher at a Dutch school.
  • You speak Dutch fluently, because the working language of the PLC meetings is Dutch.
  • You have a good command of English, because the online lectures are in English and you will write an article in English.

The programme consists of seven online lectures and six physical meetings at ICLON. Together with a colleague, you work towards a publication in the Journal of Didactics of Philosophy (JDPh).

In each online lecture, a non-canonical philosopher is introduced by an expert in their field. The meetings at Leiden University are used to translate the acquired knowledge into classroom learning activities. We aim at publishing the text of each lecture alongside the corresponding learning activity in an open-access special editon of the JDPh.

Session 1

Dr. Ahab Bdaiwi (Leiden University)

Philosophy Here, Philosophy Everywhere: Teaching Islam in High School

Friday, October 6, 2023

15:30 – 17:00 CET

Session 2

Dr. Suryia Nayak (University of Salford)

The Philosophy of Audre Lorde on 'Difference'

Friday, November 17, 2023

15:00 – 16:30 CET

Session 3

Dr. Lewis Gordon (University of Connecticut)

Title to be confirmed

Friday, January 12, 2024

15:00 – 16:30 CET

Session 4

Prof. Dr. Ruth E. Hagengruber (Paderborn University)

On Hypotheses: Teaching the Core Concept of Du Châtelet’s Methodology

Friday, February 2, 2024

15:00 – 16:30 CET

Session 5

Prof. Dr. Joseph C.A. Agbakoba (University of Nigeria)

Kant and Colonial Africa

Friday, March 15, 2024

15:30 – 17:00 CET

Session 6

Dr. Sarah Tyson (University of Colorado Denver)

Pedagogical Blockades: Learning to Teach Indigenous Theory with Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

Friday, April 19, 2024

16:00 – 17:30 CET

Session 7

Dr. Michael Eze (Leiden University)

Why do philosophers think?

Friday, June 7, 2024

15:30 – 17:00 CET

Studiebelasting en cursusdata

De PLG bestaat uit zeven online lezingen en zes bijeenkomsten:

  • Vrijdag 6 oktober 2023 15.30 - 17.00: online lezing
  • Vrijdag 13 oktober 2023 14.00 – 17.00: bijeenkomst
  • Vrijdag 17 november 2023 15.00 – 16.30: online lezing
  • Vrijdag 24 november 2023 14.00 – 17.00: bijeenkomst
  • Vrijdag 12 januari 2024 15.00 – 16.30: online lezing
  • Vrijdag 19 januari 2024 14.00 – 17.00: bijeenkomst
  • Vrijdag 2 februari 2024 15.00 – 16.30: online lezing
  • Vrijdag 9 februari 2024 14.00 – 17.00: bijeenkomst
  • Vrijdag 15 maart 2024 15.30 – 17.00: online lezing
  • Vrijdag 19 april 2024 16.00 – 17.30: online lezing
  • Vrijdag 26 april 2024 14.00 – 17.00: bijeenkomst
  • Vrijdag 7 juni 2024 15.30 – 17.00: online lezing
  • Vrijdag 14 juni 14.00 – 17.00: bijeenkomst


Universiteit Leiden
Willem Einthovengebouw, Kolffpad 1, Leiden



Als je toch niet kunt deelnemen aan de cursus:

  • Je betaalt €25 administratiekosten als je tot 10 werkdagen voor de cursus annuleert.
  • Je betaalt het hele factuurbedrag als je minder dan 10 werkdagen voor de cursus annuleert.

Om te annuleren stuur je een e-mail of brief naar:

Misschien wil een collega in jouw plaats komen?
Dat mag meestal. Neem daarover contact op met nascholing@iclon.leidenuniv.nl.

Als je stopt tijdens de cursus:
Je betaalt het hele factuurbedrag.

Als de cursus niet doorgaat door onze schuld:
Je ontvangt geen factuur.


Voor meer informatie over deze PLG: Floris Velema MA: f.p.velema@iclon.leidenuniv.nl

Voor organisatorische vragen: nascholing@iclon.leidenuniv.nl.

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