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Plusprogramma World Teachers Programme

The World Teachers Programme is a plus programme of the Teaching Master at ICLON Leiden Graduate School of Teaching, geared towards bilingual and international education.

Information meeting

You are very welcome at our online information meeting specifically about the WTP. For date and registration, please visit this page (in Dutch).

WTP at a glance

  • As a WTP student you will follow most of the subjects of the Teaching Master in English and in a separate WTP group. Vakdidactiek (the methodology of your own school subject) and Leren en Instructie will be taught in different groups, in Dutch (or the target language in the case of Modern Languages). Depending on the size of the group, the Adolescent Development/Pedagogiek course will be taught in either English or Dutch.
  • Your main teaching practice (internship) will last the whole academic year and will take place at a bilingual or international school in the Netherlands. There, you will do much of your subject teaching in English (with the exception of some teachers of French, German, Spanish and Mandarin).
  • You will participate in extra seminars and complete extra assignments focusing on content and language integrated learning (CLIL), intercultural competence, multicultural education and features of international and bilingual educational contexts.
  • In the Spring, you will gain additional experience during an internship abroad.
  • In short, the WTP will provide you with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in order to support your pupils not only in learning the content of your subject but also to develop their proficiency in English (or another language) and to help them to grow as world citizens.

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