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Tamara Platteel

Teacher Trainer

Dr. T.L. Platteel
+31 71 527 6498

Tamara Platteel is a teacher educator and researcher.

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From her first job at the Newspaper in the Classroom Foundation (September 2000), Tamara has been involved in learning and professionalisation. During her PhD trajectory at Leiden University, she was introduced to action research and curriculum innovation in education. The change in participants' attitudes and the inspiring improvements she saw as a result made her enthusiastic about teacher professionalisation and action research in particular.
In the years that followed, she gained experience in professionalisation projects and coaching in various sectors such as healthcare, education and financial services. As an advisor, teacher, and coordinator for collaboration in teacher education and in service teacher learning she can apply her knowledge of research and teacher learning.


How can you support teacher learning? That was the question in her dissertation. By designing education and conducting action research together with teachers for a year and a half, Tamara gained insight into the processes involved in learning and professionalisation. Engaging in honest and critical dialogue with teachers among themselves and with students proved to be of great importance for teacher learning. Developing an inquisitive, critical attitude is very important for developing a professional attitude and for a professional and learning organisation.


Pedagogy, teaching methodology and supervising subject-specific research projects.

Teacher Trainer

  • Opleiden

Work address

Willem Einthoven
Kolffpad 1
2333 BN Leiden
Room number B4.29



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