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Stefan Norbruis

S. Norbruis MA

Fields of interest

Within the field of Indo-European linguistics, my main areas of interest are the Anatolian, Greek, Italic and Germanic branches, on all linguistic levels and in all time periods.


My PhD research focuses on Anatolian historical linguistics. The aim of my project is to reconstruct the morphology and the lexicon of Proto-Anatolian, the last common ancestor of the Anatolian languages (Hittite, Luwian, Lycian, etc.). The results may serve as the basis for a comparison of Proto-Anatolian and the last common ancestor of the other Indo-European languages, in order to determine how they relate to each other.

Teaching activities

Historical grammar of Greek 

Curriculum vitae

2004-2008: BA, Classics (specialization: Italic historical linguistics), VU University Amsterdam 
2008-2014: MA (cum laude), Research Master Classics and Ancient Civilizations (specialization: Greek historical linguistics), VU University Amsterdam 
2008-2015: MA (summa cum laude), Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (specialization: Frisian historical linguistics), Leiden University 
2015-pres.: PhD, Proto-Anatolian morphology and lexicon, Leiden University 

2011-2014: editor of Beekes,  Etymological Dictionary of Greek
2014: editor of Beekes,  Pre-Greek: PhonologyMorphologyLexicon
2014-pres.: editor of Möller,  Wörterbuch des saterfriesischen
2015-pres.: editor of Sluiter, Rijksbaron,  Grieks/Nederlands Woordenboek

2006-pres.: teacher and tutor of Greek and Latin

PhD candidate / Guest

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Univ Centre for Linguistics
  • LUCL diversen

Work address

Van Wijkplaats 4
2311 BX Leiden
Room number 1.03e


No relevant ancillary activities

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