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Determining future perspectives of foster children in the Netherlands


Paul Vedder
Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland
Universiteit Leiden Universiteit Leiden


In recent years, foster care providers in The Netherlands have paid increasing attention to methods for determining future perspectives of foster children placed in their care. Examining future perspectives implies that a decision must be taken on the educational environment that is likely to provide the safest and most stable environment for a child till his or her 18th birthday.

A variety of methods for determining future perspectives of foster children exists, but it is unclear which foster care provider uses what method, what these methods exactly entail and how they are used in practice. The aim of this survey was to provide a description of methods used in The Netherlands as well as of how these methods are used and what foster care professionals consider their strengths and weaknesses.

Full text report

Hoe wordt het perspectief van pleegkinderen in Nederland bepaald? (September, 2014).

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