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Marjo de Graauw

Assistant professor

Dr. M. de Graauw
+31 71 527 6319

Marjo de Graauw is an assistant professor for the bachelor Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (BFW). Besides providing curricular education, she actively pursues content and didactic innovation within and outside of the programme. Marjo is initiator and project leader of various educational innovation projects, such as the Science Skills Platform - a versatile digital learning environment where students can train skills they need during and after their studies, and Labprep.video - a web environment with interactive video protocols to better prepare students for their laboratory practicals. Marjo is also an honorary teaching fellow at the Leiden Teachers' Academy (LTA) and one of the first to obtain a Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO) within Leiden University.

More information about Marjo de Graauw

Marjo has been actively promoting didactic and content innovation within the Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences programme and the Faculty of Science since 2013. Key points are:

  • Improving the intertwining of education and (drug) research;
  • Involving students more actively in solving socially relevant issues;
  • Increasing (digital) activating learning;
  • Increasing focus on skills development and job market preparation.

Marjo investigates the effectiveness of educational innovations from various design-oriented research projects. More information on the results of these educational innovation projects can be found in various news items, see also the overview below.

By participating in university-wide development and advisory groups, Marjo shares knowledge and experience within a broad network and contributes to the University’s strategic education policy.

Overview of some of Marjo de Graauw’s educational innovation projects

  1. Improving laboratory education with interactive video protocols. A. Zweemer, L. Holtman, Q. Verhoog, D. van der Es, M. Dilweg, I. Bot, T. Fariaby, A. Gerritsen, M. Ruler, M. de Graauw (2022); news item.
  2. Improved collaboration, research and writing skills when using the Science Skills Platform in the minor course Molecular Design. L. Brincker, W. de Vries, M. Schaaf,  and M. de Graauw (2021); news item.
  3. A large-scale remote BSc-3 research course supported by a digital skills learning environment. L. Brincker, W. de Vries and M. de Graauw (2020); summary & news item
  4. Successful implementation of the Brightspace FWN e-learning skills platform in a first year BSc research course. L. Brincker, W. de Vries and M. de Graauw (2020); summary & news item
  5. Peer feedback on academic writing: undergraduate students’ peer feedback role, peer feedback perceptions and essay performance; B. Huisman, N. Saab, J. van Driel and P. van den Broek (2018), Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 43:6, 955-968.
  6. A questionnaire to assess students’ beliefs about peer-feedback; B. Huisman, M. de Graauw, N. Saab, J. Van Driel & P. Van Den Broek (2019); Innovations in Education and Teaching International.
  7. Training students to become REAL scientists; J. Geerling, M. Cleiren,  S. Tax and  M. de Graauw. Conference Netwerk Academische Communicatieve Vaardigheden – Expertmeeting.
  8. Stimuleren van een onderzoeksmindset tijdens tweedejaarse BSc practicum Bio-Farmaceutische Wetenschappen. C. Groeneveldt, J. Geerling, M. de Graauw (2017); summary.
  9. Stimuleren van professionele ontwikkeling van de student: invoering van een leerlijn Academische Vorming. M. de Graauw, J. Geerling, N. Campagne, T. Bos, J. Elenbaas, E. Theunissen, M. Dilweg, L. Bijsterveld, A. Khoshchin, L. Commandeur, W. Remmerswaal (2016); summary.
  10. Bevorderen van hogere orde leren tijdens onderzoekspractica: Van student tot zelfstandig onderzoeker. J. Elenbaas, J. Geerling, M. de Graauw (2016); summarynews item

Assistant professor

  • Science
  • Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research
  • LACDR/Onderwijs

Work address

Gorlaeus Building
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Room number DM1.14



  • No relevant ancillary activities
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