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Jaco van Veldhoven

Health, safety and environmental expert

Ing. J.P.D. van Veldhoven
+31 71 527 4662

I studied organic chemistry at the Hogeschool Rotterdam and as part of this I did a 6 months internship at AltanaPharma, Konstanz, Germany. The following 3 years, I synthesized screening compounds and building blocks at Specs and BioSpecs, two services companies based in Delft, The Netherlands. Because of my interest in Medicinal Chemistry I joined Prof. IJzerman's group as a research technician in March 2005.

My part of the research on adenosine receptors is the synthesis of new ligands. I am particular interested in labeling already known ligands with a photo affinity probe. This photo affinity probe attached to the ligands can be activated by UV light and will form a covalent bond with the binding pocket of the receptor. Hopefully this research can teach us more about the location of the binding pocket on the receptor and in particular which amino acids are involved in this process.

Health, safety and environmental expert

  • Science
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  • Arbo- en milieudienst

Work address

Gorlaeus Faculty Office
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Room number BS1.06



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