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Social and Behavioural Sciences

Contract Teaching

The programs of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Educational Sciences, and Psychology offer the opportunity to take individual courses from the complete range of education. This 'contract teaching’ is intended for those interested in delving into a specific subject but do not wish to or cannot pursue the entire program.

What is a contract student?

Contract students register in one or more courses and pay a fee based on the number of credits (ECTS).

For whom?

Contract students do not intend to complete the entire (bachelor) programme. Interested individuals who do not possess the required prerequisites can also pursue contract teaching. Contract students attend classes alongside regular students and are expected to put in the same effort as other students. A contract student is not registered at another university or college, and is not registered as regular student at Leiden University but as contract students within the respective programme.

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Course offering

More information about the course offerings and purchasing books and/or syllabi can be found in the Prospectus. Please note that you can only register for courses as a contract student if the course is marked as 'available as contract.'


The course fee is calculated using the number of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits for a course. One ECTS represents 28 hours of study. For both bachelor and master courses, a fee of €145 per ECTS is charged. This fee covers attending lectures and seminars and taking the exam (including a possible resit).

Registration and Payment

To register for a course as a contract student, you must fill out the registration form up to 21 days before the start of the respective course. The registration then consists of two steps: the payment and definitive placement in the course.

After filling out the form, you will be directed to the online payment environment. Once the OSC (Student Services Centre) receives the payment, you will receive a confirmation of the payment.

After regular (bachelor) students have registered in the courses, and it is clear that there are still available spots for contract students, the registration for the contract students will be made definitive. Contract student will receive a ULCN account and student number. Contract students are then registered for lectures, seminars, and exams by the OSC.

Refund of course fees is only possible if you cancel at least two weeks before the start of the course. After that, no refund is possible, even in cases of force majeure, disappointment, illness, or other circumstances.



For each course, there is one regular exam (or multiple partial exams) and one resit per academic year. If you do not pass the exam on the first attempt, you are allowed to take the resit exam within the same academic year.

Proof of Participation

After completing a course, you can request a certificate of participation or a transcipt of grades. This certificate is only provided if you have passed the final exam of the course and fulfilled any seminar obligations. It is not possible to provide a separate certificate for attending lectures. The certificate can be requested at the Student Services Centre.

If you later decide to pursue a regular programme, proof of participation in a specific course may, in some cases, lead to exemptions.


As a contract student, you can use the library of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Computer use is a requirement, as Brightspace (a digital learning environment) is used in education.

Locations & Schedule

Education generally takes place on-site. The current schedule can be found via uSis and MyTimetable.

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